Letter to Mrs. Khofifah and Mr. President Jokowi





Dear Mrs. Khofifah

i think to myself, where is the baitul mal? in this era, i just see the tax department. Altough yah we know, the tax to pay the government worker, to filled the APBN. (cry T.T)

We need the baitul mal, i am so confused, not efective if this box stand alone, independent by which one orphan house, store (indomaret, alfamart, etc) they opened donation system in their store. Often i see the box aid from orphan house in the coffee shop-warung kopi(when im drink coffee). So what happened with the orphan house, whois not get enough aid to buy their supply everyday. Im sorry Mrs Khofifah, did you know how many orphan house exactly in this country? and did you know how many orphan house closed since independent day?

Ya Mrs, you need blusukan team to check the grass root.

This will be effective if we can collect them in one department by government. And use the money to realization what the dream our great Rasulullah, so do the vision of our founding father. Make the system better from grass root-baitul mal-who needs emergency?

So the people(who want to bless their tools, food, etc) all can pay it (zakat) and send it to baitul mal, i dont know what we must name it in the future, social aid national security maybe (up to you).

And the aid will be take by social department (as be a leader). The aid(no matter from what the people religion) to help anything project about social development, 1st of course for poor, orphan house, etc. Who need it emergency. Second, Social department can join with the other department, like education department. Build school, build garden, etc anything about human right vision.

i believe, we can do this-together. To bless our nation as soon as imposible

Dear Mr.President

Seriously, i warned by some E.T or whateverlah. Just Mr.President dont forget about zakat, 20% for all mine product, 10 % for farm by land or sea anything product on surface the earth, and 2,5% for the money

Its like our founding father vision, on UUD 45 verse 33

And damn our country productivity not hold by mayority silent muslim people, but the minority had great access there, since holland government-suharto government- i dont know maybe until now. Because of that, vision our great rasulullah still stuck on the way, hard to realising what his dream in this era.

The key to bless are similiar between moslem and other abrahamistik religion, persepuluh one of that. But different in mine product, who take access there must paid 20% for poor needing or anak yatim or education, etc (We called it zakat)


just thinking about this, and take action. What will you do ? Hope God Bless all of us, importanly the mayority moeslim people, because they’re the biggest buyer, for anything supply from grey area market. Be careful with anything we buy-for eat, drink, and use. Did we all already  cleaning thats (with zakat of course)

May God Bless Us,

Best Regards